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Pro-life leader Jeanneane Maxon

WASHINGTON, D.C., January 14, 2016 (LifeSiteNews) — Pro-life leader Jeanneane Maxon says she's “in for a long haul of medical bills” as she fights “the most aggressive form of brain cancer a person can have.”

And so pro-life supporters across the country have launched a moneybomb that runs until midnight tonight, to help Maxon raise the funds for her treatment.

Almost a month ago, Maxon went in for brain surgery to remove a tumor the size of a lime. While that operation was successful, Maxon told LifeSiteNews earlier today that she has a “Grade 4 malignant tumor” that “branches out” across her entire brain.

Maxon, who next week starts the first of what may be several six-week rounds of chemotherapy and radiation, said she has a “good fighting chance” of beating the cancer.

However, the medical bills are expected to be enormous. Supporters have raised more than $13,000 in less than a month — much of it today.

Maxon said she hopes to raise at least $25,000. She also says she believes God will help her beat the cancer.

Donations can be made here.