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BOZEMAN, Montana (LifeSiteNews) – A Montana abortionist, whose presence in her town was described as an “open secret,” will close her facility that conducted chemical abortions due to the political climate in the state.

Claire Putnam told the Bozeman Daily Chronicle that she “has been the only doctor in Bozeman who performs elective abortions since she opened her private practice, SHE Health and Wellness, in 2018. She plans to close the clinic soon.”

Putnam called herself a “hesitant abortion provider.”

“I would love to not do any elective abortions. Often I have talked people out of abortions,” she told the newspaper. Despite her stated desire to “not do any elective abortions,” she has helped women kill their babies for four years now in Bozeman.

“Putnam describes herself as a pro-life abortion provider — a ‘purple person’ who doesn’t easily fit into a political mold. Her favorite part of her job is helping women and couples bring healthy babies into the world,” the local newspaper wrote of the abortionist.

The reversal of Roe v. Wade also led to her decision to stop aborting babies.

“She is closing her private practice in part because of financial pressures. But she has felt differently about her work as an OB-GYN since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade, the landmark ruling that guaranteed abortion as a right,” the paper reported.

“I’m also afraid. That’s part of why I’m closing,” Putnam told the Daily Chronicle. “Doctors are threatened for what they do. It’s kind of a threatening time.”

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Help Dr. Peter McCullough save American healthcare: Doctors can't be bullied!
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Renowned board-certified COVID-19 expert and cardiologist, Dr. Peter McCullough, has published 50+ medical research papers on COVID-19 — more than any other doctor in his field — but the American Board of Internal Medicine is threatening him with disciplinary action for speaking AGAINST mass COVID-19 vaccinations.

After appearing on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast, Dr. McCullough is sounding the alarm to LifeSiteNews about the persecution he endured at the hands of the American Board of Internal Medicine and it's thirst to impose unscientific, potentially harmful, and totalitarian COVID-19 vaccine mandates on the entire American population. They do not want Dr. McCullough to speak out against mass-vaccination, but he is doing so anyway.

*** Dr. McCullough is being unnethically targeted by the American Board for Internal Medicine for daring to speak the TRUTH about mass COVID-19 vaccination risks — fight back now and demand the Board to cease their attacks and serve the American people with sound science! *** 

Healthcare as we know it will crumble if even the foremost COVID-19 medical doctor is being threatened out of his medical practice — leaving radical globalist, transgender, and pro-abortion adherents to dictate America’s future healthcare practices.

Persecution against Dr. McCullough is an unprecedented attack on the integrity of medicine that will have horrendous consequences if successful. SEND A MESSAGE TO THE AMERICAN BOARD OF INTERNAL MEDICINE: WE STAND BY DR. McCULLOUGH AND REFUSE POLITICS IN MEDICINE!

Dr. McCullough blasted the American Board of Internal Medicine’s blatant bias and their “presumption that the vaccines are safe and effective” — he insists the evidence is inconclusive!

“It is basically a kangaroo court — Dr. McCullough

Our children, parents, spouses, siblings, and friends are all facing unprecedented health risks because of an increasingly hostile and biased medical board. Can we count on you to send a much-needed message to the American Board of Internal Medicine?

*** We must act on Dr. McCullough’s warning before it’s too late! Brave doctors are standing against their own Board certifiers to defend medical freedom, liberty, and sound science — we cannot let bully-tactics dictate medical best practice.*** 


Thank you

P.S. — The legitimacy of the American Board of Internal Medicine depends largely on public trust, which it wields against doctors. Exposing its bias might pressure the Board into returning to a science-based approach to medicine — so send a message now! 



Dr. Peter McCullough says medical establishment has threatened ‘disciplinary action’ over COVID stance (LifeSiteNews)


Photo credit: Youtube screenshot. Joe Rogan Experience

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The state’s highest court found an expansive right to abortion in 1999, relying on Roe v. Wade. Montana has a blocked 20-week abortion ban. Conservatives could upend the Montana Supreme Court’s pro-abortion majority by flipping a seat on the court in November.

Montana Governor Greg Gianforte, a Republican, recently urged the state supreme court reconsider pro-life laws.

“The Montana Constitution and the Constitutional Convention that adopted it left that policy question to the legislature, where it resided during Montana’s status as a territory and since statehood,” Gianforte wrote on August 2. “With the overturning of Roe, which formed a basis for the Armstrong decision, this Court must honor such context.”

LifeSiteNews has a comprehensive, regularly updated map of state-by-state abortion laws. Indiana became the most recent state to restrict abortion, passing a law which is expected to prevent 95 percent of abortions.