Montgomery County Parents Ask Court to Stop Gay Curriculum

By Hilary White

  ROCKVILLE, Maryland, September 6, 2007 ( - Three parents’ groups have filed papers in Montgomery Circuit Court on Tuesday to request a halt to the planned start of a homosexual curriculum in county schools. Barring a court decision, the school board, after a lengthy battle, will implement a curriculum that will introduce children to the homosexual movement’s political doctrines in the eighth and tenth grade classrooms this fall.

  If it is allowed to go forward, the curriculum, that teaches homosexuality is caused by a specific "gay gene," will include a lesson titled, "Respect for Differences in Human Sexuality." It will teach children to adopt and promote the homosexual movement’s language and interpretation on "sexual identity" and "orientation."

  The curriculum excludes discussion of the moral liceity of deviant sex acts under the rubric of "non-judgementalism". In the tenth grade, students will be taught about "coming out" as a homosexual and will be given lessons in using condoms.

  Citizens for a Responsible Curriculum have argued that parents have the ultimate authority to guide the moral direction of their children "without interference by an increasingly activist public school system".

"We seek to achieve this through public debate, engagement with Montgomery Public Schools, and, when necessary, legal action." The group has sought court orders to have the classes stopped and will have its appeal heard in January.

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