Montgomery County School Board Votes to Revise Disturbing Sex-ed Program

MONTGOMERY COUNTY, MARYLAND, May 27, 2005 ( – This past Monday the Montgomery County school board voted, in light of a pending lawsuit by the Citizens for Responsible Curriculum (CRC) and a judge ordered suspension of the program, to revise their recently instated sex-ed program. This decision brings the county one step further towards the implementation of a balanced sex-ed program with a greater focus on abstinence and moral sexuality.

The current curriculum, which was met with cries of outrage from concerned parents, attempted to desensitize children to homosexuality by presenting it as normative and healthy. United States District Court Judge Alexander Williams suspended the strictly one-sided curriculum, citing speech rights concerns. Included in the sex-ed program was an eight minute video, entitled “Protect Yourself”, which depicted a woman demonstrating the use of a condom on a cucumber.

The School Board resolution states that the curriculum pilot program is to be suspended for the year, in addition to “Protect Yourself”, until suitable replacements can be found. It also excludes from the list of teacher resources several previously approved pro-gay documents including “Lesbian, Gay, and bisexual Youth Q & A” and “Sexual Orientation Myths” by Planned Parenthood, amongst others.

Read the Montgomery School Board Resolution.

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