Warning: Graphic content.

MONTREAL, Quebec, January 21, 2014 ( – Montreal’s largest school board has defended its practice of putting erotic novels on the shelves of its elementary school libraries after a mother launched a campaign to clear them out.

The mother told that the “hypersexual” novels are “stealing our kids’ youth and innocence.” She spoke under condition of anonymity for fear of retaliation against herself and her three daughters, all under the age of thirteen.

The mother decided to launch a website when her 11-year-old daughter brought home a book aimed at teenage girls titled L'Enchanteur (The Enchanter).


The book contained sexually explicit passages such as “my breasts touched his body. His mouth kisses them greedily. His legs around mine and I feel his well-hardened penis.”

She was horrified that such a book could be found in her children’s school library. “It’s giving the message that it’s normal to go have sex and discover yourself [when you’re a teen]. And the books are telling them how to do it. This is porn. This is porn,” she told in a telephone interview from her home near Montreal.

The mom, a former teacher with a background in psychological development, said that young girls believe they can and must live these situations described in the books because they are implicitly approved by adults who offer the books.

After her daughters brought home more books with similar sexual material, the mom decided to create a website called Parent Alert to warn parents about what their kids are reading. The mom hands out cards with her website address to parents she meets at soccer and hockey games.

“I want to preserve the purity of the hearts of little girls,” she said. “I say [to the schools] what’s your right to impose this on our kids?”

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School administration immediately struck back, threatening to sue the mom for defamation and for harassment, she related. The mom was told to remain silent or face legal action.

But despite the threat, last fall she went to the mainstream news outlet QMI Agency, owner of the Sun News chain, which broke her story yesterday.

“It’s very nerve racking for me. But if your heart tells you that you’ve found poison, you have to do something about it,” she said.

“My daughters and all the little girls are worth it. It’s not right that we transform them into sex objects, receptive to sexual [advancements]. That’s not what they want. They don’t want that when they are little girls.”

The Commission scolaire de Montréal, Montreal's biggest school board, defended the explicit literature in school libraries to QMI Agency, saying that by sixth grade “many children have reached 12 years of age.”

The mom, who is Catholic, said that while she has nothing against sex, she does not want her daughters to become “perverted” by being exposed to adult realities at too young an age.

“Latency period is from 6 to 12,” she said. “You don’t push sexual stuff on them then.”

The mom’s efforts have scored a few victories. Several books have been removed from school libraries after parents complained, including the one quoted above.

Parents must be vigilant about what their children are reading, she said.

“Don’t be lazy. Open the books. See if they are age appropriate. Take your courage and protest. It’s the numbers that will do something.”

“Parents and grandparents must also pray about this so that it will be put in the light,” she said.

Visit the Parent Alert website here (in French).