Montrealers barred from counseling outside abortion facilities for six months as they await ruling

In that time, thousands of women will have abortions at the Femina and Morgentaler facilities, says the pro-life group.
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By Steve Weatherbe

By Steve Weatherbe

MONTREAL, June 22, 2015 (LifeSiteNews) -- Pro-lifers will be prevented from intervening legally outside two Montreal abortion facilities for up to another six months by a judge delaying her ruling in an injunction hearing.

In that time, thousands of women will enter the Femina and Morgentaler facilities in the same downtown Montreal building with life in their wombs, and leave with that life destroyed, Georges Buscemi, the head of Campagne Quebec-Vie, told LifeSiteNews.

Campagne Quebec-Vie was in court last week to remove a provisional injunction stopping pro-life sidewalk counselors from offering pamphlets to clients of two abortion facilities, and to prevent its replacement with a “temporary” injunction that could last 30 years.

In fact, for the last 30 years, a temporary injunction kept pro-lifers across the street from the Morgentaler clinic in its former location. It was imposed because the clinic was able to persuade the court that irreparable injury would be done if it was not, leaving to a later full-scale trial the question of whether the pro-lifers nonetheless had a constitutional right to stand near the clinic entrance.

“The pro-lifers then didn’t have the resources to go back to court, so the temporary injunction stood for all those years,” said Buscemi. Late last year, however, the Morgentaler facility moved downtown, where the location-specific injunction couldn’t prevent CQV from picketing up close.

CQV agreed to a short-term provisional court order sending its volunteers back across the street until a full hearing for a temporary (but potentially endless) injunction could be held. This happened last week, with the clinics arguing that violent behavior by extremists identifying with the pro-life cause in the United States and elsewhere in Canada many years in the past raised a legitimate concern in today’s Montreal.

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“Three deaths of abortion workers in 30 years,” said Buscemi. “In that time millions of unborn babies have been killed.” Buscemi said he knew of no violence in Quebec.

The pro-life side produced affidavits from a doctor about the health risks of abortion and from several women who had had abortions at the Morgentaler Clinic and then serious medical complications resulting from them, without ever being warned by clinic staff.

Though only affidavit evidence was expected, Buscemi himself was called in to testify after the clinics’ lawyer entered as evidence a letter to supporters containing Christian religious imagery. “They wanted to show I was a crazy religious person and so more likely to commit violence.”

The judge gave herself six months to decide on the injunction.

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