WILMINGTON, Delaware, February 1, 2011 (  – In the wake of the January 19th arrest of Abortionist Kermit Gosnell, who is accused of brutally murdering possibly “hundreds” of viable infants born alive in his Philadelphia clinic, abortion facilities in Delaware and Louisiana with ties to Gosnell are now under scrutiny.

The abortionist is also charged with 3rd degree murder for the death of one of his clients, Karnamaya Mongar, following a botched abortion.

According to the Grand Jury report released following the investigation of Gosnell’s Philadelphia practice, the abortionist was also employed by the Atlantic Women’s Medical Services Clinic in Wilmington, DE.

One of the abortions for which Gosnell is being prosecuted in Pennsylvania was initiated at the Delaware facility, where he inserted a laminaria dilator into a seventeen-year-old girl, in order to dilate her cervix in preparation for the abortion he intended to perform at his Philadelphia facility.


The girl, whom the Grand Jury report identifies as “Sue,” was given pills to induce labor, along with instructions to arrive at the Women’s Medical Center in Philadelphia at 9 am. the next morning. According to the testimony of Gosnell’s Philadelphia employees, the abortionist waited until “Sue” had given birth to a baby boy, then severed the baby’s spinal cord with scissors.

The report also charges that Gosnell referred at least six patients from Atlantic Women’s Medical Services to his Philadelphia clinic for illegal late-term abortions, and that payment was made to Atlantic for these illegal procedures.

Delaware Attorney General Beau Biden is conducting a “wide ranging” investigation of Gosnell’s activities in Delaware, Delaware Online reported Monday. 

Biden said that he was “disturbed by the allegations that were handed up by the grand jury in Philadelphia,” confirming last Thursday that an investigation had been underway in Delaware since March of 2010.

According to a USA Today report yesterday, it has yet to be confirmed whether the same grisly conditions investigators uncovered in the Philadelphia facility also existed at Atlantic. Mark Meister, executive director of the Medical Society of Delaware, told USA Today that as far as he knew there is no regulatory authority currently existing to monitor abortion clinics in Delaware.

Based on the confirmed connections between Gosnell’s illegal activity and Atlantic, however, the Grand Jury report recommended that “the National Abortion Federation reconsider the inclusion of Atlantic Women’s Medical Services in Delaware in its membership.”

Delaware Online reported yesterday that the NAF has complied with this recommendation, and will no longer refer patients to Atlantic.

The National Abortion Federation was originally implicated in the Grand Jury report, which revealed that NAF representatives knew of the appalling conditions at Gosnell’s Philadelphia clinic. The organization declined Gosnell’s application for membership, but failed to notify authorities of the facility’s numerous violations of safety and sanitation regulations.


The NAF has also suspended membership of the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge in Louisiana, which has indirect ties to Gosnell. According to the Grand Jury report, the Delta Clinic is owned by Leroy Brinkley, who also owns Atlantic Women’s Medical Services.

Additionally, one of Gosnell’s employees, Eileen O’Neill, was a former employee at Delta, and was introduced to Gosnell by Brinkley. O’Neill was arrested with Gosnell and is accused of falsely representing herself as a doctor to patients at Gosnell’s Philadelphia practice.

The pro-life watchdog organization Operation Rescue released a report last Tuesday detailing previous violations at Delta, including the death of two women from botched abortions. According to Operation Rescue President Troy Newman, the violations are “of the same kind that Gosnell stands accused.”

“Operation Rescue calls for the immediate closure of the Atlantic Women’s Services in Wilmington, Delaware, and the Delta Clinic of Baton Rouge in Louisiana. We support the American Catholic Lawyers Association’s intent to file a lawsuit to force the closure of Delta, and urge them to file it will all haste, in order to protect women, since the state apparently will not,” said Newman.

According to Operation Rescue, the American Catholic Lawyers Association has threatened a lawsuit if Delta is not shut down.