BOSTON, Massachusetts, July 29, 2005 ( – Hospitals in Massachusetts don’t know what to do with birth certificates that have the headings of “Mother” and “Father” on them. The state has legalized same-sex marriage and hospitals are seeking the nomenclature to refer to the logically confused parentage of children born into same-sex ‘families’. Governor Mitt Romney has vaguely advised hospitals to cross out one or the other and insert “Second Parent” but some clerks who register births are questioning the legality of such a procedure.

Gay ‘rights’ activists are asking that the state remove the words mother and father from the birth certificates and to replace them with Parent A and Parent B. “There should be no doubt in Massachusetts that Massachusetts records should accurately reflect the true nature of Massachusetts families and that includes same-sex couples,” said Michele Granda, staff attorney for Gay and Lesbian Advocates and Defenders.

Governor Romney, however, who opposes same-sex marriage, gave voice the absurdity of the situation saying, “I’m opposed to taking the Massachusetts birth certificate and removing the term ‘Mother’ and ‘Father’ and substituting ‘Parent A’ and ‘Parent B…Look, each child has a mother and a father. They should have the right to have that mother and father known to them and that’s something I’d like to preserve on a birth certificate.”

“My view is that that’s wrong on paper and it’s wrong on fact. Every child deserves to have a mother and a father, and a birth certificate should reflect mothers and fathers,” he said.