FRONT ROYAL, Virginia, August 27, 2003 ( – In its August 27 weekly Briefing the Population Research Institute provides more evidence of USAID programs South America which exploit children and promote homosexuality.  In response to PRI’s recent charges, the US government international aid agency, says PRI, has “issued blanket denials to the press, and implied that such abuses took place under the previous administration and have now ended”.  PRI responds that it “has obtained more USAID material which clearly shows that USAID continues to support abusive programs overseas”. PRI says the evidence reveals that “USAID promotes chemical contraceptives to children” and that “In guidelines which remain in use throughout El Salvador today, USAID states that ‘As a first option, contraceptive pills [are to be given] one month before starting sexual activity regardless of whether she has started her period.’”  As well, PRI says the evidence is that USAID’s Bureau for Global Health circumvents El Salvador’s restrictions against abortion, with chemical abortion or “emergency contraception” by cooperating with UNFPA in the distribution of these abortion-inducing chemicals to earthquake victims. PRI notes that “In the aftermath of these quakes, hundreds of women and children died for lack of basic aid”.  Lastly PRI quotes from currently used USAID literature indicating its promotion of homosexuality to children in El Salvador and Guatemala, with programs designed to prompt boys to have sex with other boys or men. One manual, for instance, encourages “parents to promote their child’s acceptance [of homosexuality], not discrimination.”  PRI says the evidence is clear that USAID and UNFPA together promote homosexuality as a basic human right.

The population watchdog organization says in its weekly report that “These abuses must stop. USAID cannot continue to undermine families and the health of children overseas. USAID’s Bureau for Global Health cannot hide behind the previous administration for abusive programs which it continues to support today.”