Thursday January 20, 2000


VANCOUVER, Jan 20 ( – A Tuesday editorial in The Province, a mainstream newspaper in MP Svend Robinson’s home province of BC commented on Robinson’s bullying of Fr. Tony Van Hee. The editorial, titled “Svend can dish it out but he sure can’t take it,” after recounting some of Robinson’s freedom promoting undertakings, said “it staggers us that the latest opponent Svend Robinson has thrown into a headlock is not bombs or bigotry or a Chinese despot, but rather good old Canadian free speech.”

The paper notes that “Svend has defended his actions,” of throwing the sign of Fr. Van Hee’s over a wall, by saying “the line (for free speech) is drawn at personally abusive language.” “We think if that were the accepted norm,” the paper continued, “someone would be throwing Svend over a wall every time he opened his mouth.” “No, Svend has with this act become an enemy to the very tolerance he’s been advocating all these years.”

The editorial called on Svend to admit he was wrong and apologize. The paper notes that “this would be a lot easier than the alternative,” legislating a bubble zone precluding free speech around the New Democratic MP from Burnaby.”

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