OMAHA, Sept 8 ( – In his latest pastoral letter to the people of the Archdiocese of Omaha, Archbishop Elden F. Curtiss clarifies the difference in severity between abortion and capital punishment.

In a section of his letter entitled “Opposition to abortion a priority”, the Archbishop writes: “The Church is consistently pro-human life from conception until natural death. This is the reason that we oppose the death penalty as well as euthanasia and abortion. However, Catholic teaching does not weigh opposition to capital punishment the same way it weighs opposition to abortion. The thousands of innocent pre-born babies killed every year by abortion constitute a greater evil than the execution of a few convicted felons by the state not only because of sheer number of deaths, but because of the gravity of the act itself. Therefore opposition to abortion must be a priority for Catholics who support the Church’s teaching about the sacredness of all human life.”

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In a column published last month in the Catholic Voice, Archbishop Curtis reacted against the official pro-abortion plank in the US Democratic Party. In the article, the Archbishop notes that “for the first time, the platform of the Democratic Party introduced a pro-abortion plank that was clearly anti-life and therefore anti-Catholic. … The party went on record discriminating against a group of human beings – babies in the womb who had no protection and in fact could be destroyed at any stage of development.” He stated further that “Catholic Democrats, therefore, have an obligation in conscience to do everything they can to reverse the pro-abortion policy of their party and to support those candidates who will protect human life in the womb.” Archbishop Curtiss concluded by warning that “You can be assured that I will challenge any Catholic in Northeastern Nebraska who claims to be a member of the Church and at the same time supports abortion. … There is no place for discrimination against pre-born or partially born babies in the Catholic Church.”

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