By Steve Jalsevac

As a result of emailed questions in response to yesterday’s notice of changes to the LifeSiteNews copyright we have updated the new copyright notice to better clarify our limited conditions.

  The copyright notice now reads:

  Copyright © This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-No Derivatives License. You may republish this article or portions of it without request provided the content is not altered and it is clearly attributed to “”. Any website publishing of complete or large portions of original LifeSiteNews articles MUST additionally include a live link to  The link is not required for excerpts. Republishing of articles on LifeSiteNews from other sources as noted is subject to the conditions of those sources.

  ** The main new change is that we are now also requiring that any website publishing of a an entire LifeSiteNews report or a large portion of it MUST include a live link to The link is not required for excerpts.**

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