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Trump talking about the serious need to protect religious liberty

March 14, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) – A growing movement is developing to urge President Trump to honor his explicit campaign promises to protect religious liberty in America. There is increasing worry that he may be caving in to LGBT pressure. Catholic Vote and National Organization for Marriage have become the latest organizations to launch public campaigns on the issue.

The influential (CV) has produced a video and written appeal to President Trump urging “executive action to protect religious liberty now!”

CV wrote,

You know the stories, now too numerous to count …

  • Obama’s notorious HHS Mandate remains in place, threatening Catholic schools and charities like the Little Sisters of the Poor nationwide.

  • Florist Barronelle Stutzman was just punished by the Washington Supreme Court for declining to arrange flowers for a gay friend’s wedding. Massive fines loom while LGBT extremists are calling for her to be destroyed.

  • Sweet Cakes By Melissa bakery in Oregon was buried with a fine totaling $135,000 — which forced them to shut down their business.

Religious liberty is in crisis.

People of faith voted for Donald Trump in droves, citing his promises that he would protect religious liberty for everyone.

President Trump has already signed executive orders covering issues from immigration to overseas abortion funding to defeating ISIS …

But today a small minority of advisers to the President are rumored to be stalling executive action on religious liberty.

We haven’t forgotten his promises. We need action now.

Mr. President, it’s time.

National Organization for Marriage’s (NOM) video on the same subject is titled, A Time for Choosing.

NOM states,

… President Trump is considering an urgently-needed Executive Order to protect people of faith from discrimination and retribution by the government because of their faith beliefs, including their beliefs about marriage. But powerful opponents are working to convince him to abandon the Order.

… it's unconscionable and unconstitutional to force people to abandon their religious faith. The first and most immediate step needed to correct this outrage is for President Trump to sign the draft Executive Order protecting religious liberty. Then Congress must act to make it permanent by passing the First Amendment Defense Act. 

These two latest organizations join the more than 150 conservative leaders who signed a March 1 public letter urging President Trump to sign the Executive Order protecting religious liberty.

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