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OTTAWA (LifeSiteNews) – Nearly 1,600 Canadian troops plus over 300 civilian employees have resigned, been suspended, or are under investigation for their refusal to take the abortion-tainted COVID jabs or show their vaccine papers. 

Others are fighting in court for exemptions. 

Commanders effective last November 15 issued a directive threatening to discharge members who would not show proof of vaccination. A total 140 regular forces received waivers on religious or medical grounds,” Blacklock’s Reporter reported on June 1. A spokesperson said the number could change. 

“Affidavits filed in a related Federal Court legal challenge of the vaccination policy said ‘approximately 1,300’ Canadian Armed Forces members sought exemptions from Covid shots,” according to Blacklock’s. “Unimmunized military challenged the policy as ‘mandated medical treatment’ and ‘an abuse of power.’ A Court ruling is pending.” 

Another 1573 have been disciplined or discharged or resigned but that does not include reserve numbers. 

The push to coerce individuals to take the jab adds to the skepticism of the shots. There have been blood clots, severe anaphylactic reactions, heart conditions like myocarditis, and paralysis recorded after the COVID injections. There have also been thousands of recorded deaths.