Johanna Dasteel


More than 400 mothers wrongly told they miscarried every year in UK

Johanna Dasteel

LONDON, January 27, 2013 ( – More than 400 women are falsely told they have had a miscarriage in the UK every year, with many of the mothers giving birth to healthy babies they never expected to have. Others, however, inadvertently abort their living children.

The mistaken diagnoses have been attributed to poor reading of ultrasounds. Studies have found that inadequate and unreliable ultrasound scan guidelines used to determine if a women has had a miscarriage may be to blame.

Mothers who had received such a pronouncement have spoken out about giving birth after being told by health care professionals they had lost their children.

The Sun featured several personal stories about women who had “near misses” and went on to have healthy babies.

One of those mothers, Linda Aitchison, explained that the trauma of hearing her children had died was relieved every time she felt her twin babies move in utero.

She said she carried the anxiety of that diagnosis into the first several years of her newborns' lives, constant worrying over their well-being.

Some women, instead of “passing” their children naturally after death in utero, have children surgically removed, sometimes by dilation and curretage (commonly referred to as “D&C”), which is the method by which many abortions are carried out.

The Sun article noted that, tragically many women who are wrongly told they have miscarried “opt for the surgical procedure when they might have gone on to have a healthy baby.”

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