By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

SAO PAULO, April 8, 2008 ( – A survey conducted by the Brazilian Newspaper Folha de Sao Paulo has concluded that more than two-thirds of Brazilians continue to oppose the legalization of abortion.

According to the newspaper, 68% responded that abortion should continue to be a crime under Brazilian law, a number that has increased substantially since 2006, when it was 63%.

In addition, the poll indicates that a majority of Brazilians are also against the death penalty. Support fell from 55% in 2007 to 47% this year.

45% of Brazilians also stated their opposition to homosexual unions, while 14% said they are “indifferent”.

Following standard mainstream media practice, the Associated Press ignored the results regarding abortion and homosexual unions, and only reported the results regarding the death penalty.

The poll reportedly questioned 4,044 people in 190 jurisdictions.

Although Brazilians hold a strong pro-life position with regard to abortion, their views are not well-reflected by the presidential administration of Luis Lula, whose health minister is openly pro-abortion.