Thursday April 23, 1998


HALIFAX, NS, Apr 23 (LSN) – According to the April edition of Reality, a publication of REAL Women, the Nova Scotia Supreme Court found the Morgentaler abortuary in Halifax guilty of negligence in post-abortion care. The decision of the court was handed down in February, awarding a victim of Morgentaler’s “services” $724,547.66 in damages.

In 1993, the woman in question underwent an abortion at the Halifax facility, and was allowed to drive away only 30-45 minutes after the surgical “procedure.” According to the court, the emotional turmoil from the abortion caused the patient to faint and them swerve into oncoming traffic. Justice Douglas MacLellan found that fainting is often caused by emotional stress and that, as a result of an abortion, fainting might occur up to 12 hours after the procedure is performed. Thus, the clinic failed to protect the patient from harm by releasing her prematurely and without adequate warning.

The Reality article notes that Morgentaler is no stranger to malpractice suits. In 1976, the Disciplinary Committeee of the Professional Corp. of Physicians of Quebec suspended Morgentaler’s licence to practice medicine for a year and recommended “further training,” citing his failure to provide good medical care. Reality also notes that he has often paid out generous settlement to keep other complainants from going public.

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