OTTAWA, Nov 10 ( – From statistics and figures published on the website of the Canadian Abortion Rights Action League (CARAL) and the website of notorious Canadian abortionist Henry Morgentaler, one can ascertain that Morgentaler makes at least $17,083,764 per year from his business of killing unborn babies. Health researcher Isabelle Begin who discovered the information informed LifeSite News that Morgentaler owns and operates 8 clinics in 7 provinces in Canada. 

Adding the numbers of abortions performed in the Morgentaler clinics (save for the Edmonton clinic figures, which are unavailable) and multiplying by the average cost of these abortions (as compiled from information on Morgentaler’s website) one can conclude that destroying pre-born humans makes a substantial contribution to Morgentaler’s comfortable livelihood. The calculation goes like this Average yearly revenue: $607.25/abortion x 28,133+ (no info for Edmonton) = $17,083,764 minimum yearly gross revenue. 

A province by province breakdown of abortion provision is provided by CARAL. The site lists the number of abortions performed per week at the Morgentaler abortuaries. Further, the average fee Morgentaler charges for an abortion at his various “clinics” is available by clicking on the clinic locations from his website.

Morgentaler’s lucrative private sector “health” industry is also subsidized substantially by taxpayers. A recent report by the Toronto Free Press revealed that Ontario taxpayers some $5 million in rent for the activist’s Toronto abortion mill. Interestingly, this happens to be his most lucrative abortuary. 

See the LifeSite story on Morgentaler’s rent at: 

Taxpayers Shell Out $5 Million for Abortionists Rent