October 17, 2011 ( – According to one Moroccan official, the country’s government will work towards legalizing the killing of the unborn if they are conceived by rape or incest, or suffer from a handicap.

According to Nouzha Skalli, the nation’s Social Development and Family minister, “Recourse to legal abortion in extreme cases, such as rape, incest, or serious deformities of the fetus, is no longer a taboo. It is part of the government’s agenda,” the French Press Agency (AFP) reports.

According to the AFP, this is the first time a Moroccan minister has publicly endorsed the legalization of abortion.


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The country’s current legislation penalizes anyone involved with the murder of an unborn child with between six months and two years of imprisonment.

Skalli echoed the claims of pro-abortion groups that large numbers of women are seeking illegal abortions, stating to the AFP that “hundreds” of illegal abortions occur in the country every day. No source was given for the figure.

Morocco, a predominantly Arab and Muslim nation in northern Africa, is a constitutional monarchy with a democratic system of government.  The country has a close relationship with Europe and the United States.

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