By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

MOSCOW, January 27, 2010 ( – Moscow Mayor Yury Luzhkov says that “gay pride” parades are “satanic” and promises to continue prohibiting them, according to international news reports.

“For years Moscow has been confronted with unprecedented pressure to have a gay parade, which can only be described as a satanic act,” Luzhkov reportedly said to the Interfax news agency yesterday.

“We are not authorizing such a parade at all and we are not going to authorize it in the future. We shouldn’t waste time with all of this drivel about human rights. What we should do is repress it with the full force of the law.”

“Gay pride” marches worldwide are characterized by open displays of nudity, obscene gestures, and even public sex acts between participants. Homosexual activists typically use such parades to desensitize the public to their dangerous behavior, which is associated with a host of medical and psychological disorders.

The Moscow government has sought to combat “gay parade” organizers in the past by arresting and fining marchers. Homosexual activists have responded by filing complaints with the European Court of Human Rights, which has so far refused to rule on the cases.

Luzhkov made similar remarks in 2007, following the abortive 2006 “gay parade,” in which he also called the parade “satanic.” He has received support from the Orthodox Patriarch of Moscow and his views are also reflected by Russian Islamic and Jewish leaders.

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