FRONT ROYAL, August 6, 2003 ( – Dr. Steven Mosher, of the Population Research Institute, says “USAID-funded material obtained by PRI shows graphic depictions of sexuality and homosexuality aimed at children overseas.”  The August 5 PRI briefing adds, “In the name of HIV/AIDS relief and reproductive health, USAID-funded groups seek to undermine genuine faith-based abstinence programs run by the Catholic and other Christian churches overseas. USAID-funded groups, such as Family Health International (FHI), are seeking millions more from U.S. taxpayers to destroy families and promote radical ideas to children in developing nations. The time has come to end this abuse,” Mosher writes.  “Most taxpayers would be alarmed to know that U.S. funds are paying for these programs,” Mosher says. “The time has come for the Bush administration to reign in USAID’s dangerous agenda.”  To visit PRI’s website: