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Tell Canadian politicians not repeat Alberta’s energy nightmare – send a message now

(LifeSiteNews) — An astrophysicist and aerospace engineer declared in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson that the majority of earth’s temperature fluctuations are most likely caused by changes in the sun’s brightness and slight shifts in the earth’s orbit, contrary to the globalist narrative that CO2 is primarily responsible for climate change.

“I’m fully convinced after all these years, even though we may not know exactly what is causing climate change, we suspect it’s the sun. We have a lot of evidence to show that it’s probably the sun. Very high percentage, probably 90 percent,” Dr. Willie Soon, who worked for 31 years at Harvard, told Carlson.

He went on to argue, in a rebuke of the supposed scientific “consensus,” that “CO2 does not set the temperature of the planet like the thermometer you adjust in your room.”

When Carlson pointed out that “global temperatures have dramatically fluctuated” during recorded history, Soon affirmed, “It’s the sun actually that does a lot of this.”

He added that the earth’s orbit “changes ever so slightly” due to the cumulative effect of gravitational pull from the other planets, such as Jupiter and Saturn, affecting the distance between the earth and the sun, and therefore the temperature of the planet.

According to Soon, orbit changes and the sun’s own change in brightness can explain almost everything that is known about climate change, including the phenomenon of the “Little Ice Age,” which he said was caused by a “substantially dimmer” past sun.

“The most important thing they should talk about is the season,” Soon added. “No two winters are the same, no two summers are the same. And they never explain that. It’s actually the orbits, with the sun changing it ever so slightly.”

He emphasized to Carlson that he has spent his “whole life” studying this topic, and “nothing but” this topic.

If what can be described as the solar variation theory of climate change espoused by Soon is accurate, it undermines the basis of net-zero schemes being rolled out and planned by governments across the globe. The United Nations defines “net zero” as the “cutting greenhouse gas emissions to as close to zero as possible.”

Expert commentators have decried net zero policies as devastating to economies, livelihoods, and society as a whole, even warning that they will bring about mass starvation.

For example, in a wide-ranging paper titled “Challenging ‘Net Zero’ with Science,” emeritus professors William Happer and Richard Lindzen of Princeton and MIT, respectively, along with geologist Gregory Wrightstone state that net zero ideas are “scientifically invalid and a threat to the lives of billions of people.”

The scientists warned that eliminating fossil fuel-derived nitrogen fertilizers and pesticides “will result in about half the world’s population not having enough food to eat,” creating “worldwide starvation.”

Furthermore, they argue that net zero aspirations stem from science based on fabricated data that omit key figures that contradict their conclusions, for example, on extreme weather. 

Nevertheless, a push for net zero policies is gaining momentum worldwide. Net zero plans have been adopted by the European Union, Canada, the U.S., and other major world powers as well as promoted by international groups, including the U.N. and the Club of Rome. Worse, the behemoth investment company BlackRock uses ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) scores to pressure private corporations into adopting “climate friendly” policies such as net zero goals.

Soon told Carlson that he believes solar variation is the primary driver of climate change due to decades of careful research. However, because his theory undermines the scientific establishment’s aggressively touted “consensus” regarding CO2, he has been routinely attacked by media publications for his views.

The astrophysicist stressed that he has entertained the possibility that CO2 might be “causing everything,” as is widely proclaimed, but after checking, he said, “it’s not even close.”

He explained that what allows him to conduct research defying the predominant climate change narrative is his financial independence.

“We are truly independent from any funding agency,” he told Carlson. “Like Bill Gates, please don’t give me money… and Al Gore, please don’t give me money. Don’t give me money if you tell me what to do.”

“The point is that I want to be independent, just like you in the media. I want to be fearless [and] set my own agenda,” Soon continued.

He went on to share that he believes limited funding is the root source of the claimed “consensus” on climate change, whether it influences scientists directly or via a ripple effect such as in schools.

“Also, people are afraid to speak up… I think it’s natural for people to be afraid, but you can only be afraid for so long,” he told Carlson.

Soon maintained that the data being used to promote the greenhouse gas theory of climate change is not only “bad quality data” but is often hidden from the public.

By contrast, Soon said he makes sure to avail his own data to the public through the website of his research group, The Center for Environmental Research and Earth Sciences (CERES).

“Check us. If we’re wrong, tell us we’re wrong,” Soon said.

“I would rather have questions that cannot be answered than answers that cannot be questioned,” he told Carlson. “Because these people are just offering you the answer and then [tell you] to just shut up… don’t ask any questions, don’t criticize, don’t even bother to think. Just accept what we say.”

Along with fellow researchers, Soon discusses the effect the sun has on changes in the earth’s temperature in papers such as “How much has the Sun influenced Northern Hemisphere temperature trends? An ongoing debate;” and “Evidence for Solar Modulation on the Millennial-Scale Climate Change of Earth.

Tell Canadian politicians not repeat Alberta’s energy nightmare – send a message now