VANCOUVER, BC, Mar 26, 2001 ( – The ruling New Democrat Party in British Columbia has unveiled a government resolution pro-life leaders are calling the “most extreme government measure on abortion in all of North America.” Labour Minister Joy MacPhail is set to present the resolution to “help protect the right of BC women to make their own choices on reproduction” today or tomorrow and it will be subject to a vote in the BC legislature.

The resolution includes:  – Increased funding for school and community groups promoting sex education, birth control, and (pro-abortion) counseling – Increased funding for the medical training of abortionists at UBC – Enhanced access to abortifacient morning-after pills – Promoting RU-486 – Increased fees for abortionists – Funding for increased security for abortionists and abortuaries

Pro-life leader Ted Gerk, a board member of Campaign Life Coalition BC (CLCBC) told LifeSite that with the resolution the government has “declared war on the pro-life movement.” Gerk, who is the Webmaster for CLCBC’s website noted that four additional components of the resolution would have pro-lifers targeted by law enforcement agencies, require by force of law that all hospitals perform abortions, deny statistical information related to abortion to pro-lifers, and have abortionists included under hate crimes legislation as a special class of protected “victims.” The absolute extremism of these points requires they be quoted since a paraphrase might be doubted due to the inherent fanaticism.

“Requiring under provincial law that obligations for hospitals to be operated and managed to ensure access to abortion services can only be lifted by the Legislative Assembly”“Providing additional financial support for law enforcement agencies to co-ordinate and gather intelligence to identify groups and individuals who are prepared to resort to criminal activity in support of their beliefs with respect to abortion issues”“Ensuring through provincial law that public bodies must not release abortion information, excepting abortion statistics at a global regional and provincial level and personal information, unless provided to the person about whom the information pertains”“Urging the federal government to strengthen the Criminal Code, including designating abortion service providers as a protected group under current hate provisions and making attempts to criminally harass or harm abortion service providers an aggravating circumstance in sentencing.”

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