January 15, 2013 ( – The co-founder of a new French homosexual organization, Homovox, says that most homosexuals do not want to marry or adopt children, and are not supporters of the socialist government's proposed legislation to create homosexual “marriage.”

French lesbian Nathalie de Williencourt says she decided to create the group as a result of her frustration over a vocal homosexual lobby that has been unquestioningly accepted as the mouthpiece of all of the country's homosexuals.

The homosexuals Williencourt knows “don't have any desire to marry nor to adopt.”

“They don't feel represented by activists that they haven't chosen, who steal the stage from a silent majority,” she told the French magazine Christian Family. “Many feel belittled, mistreated by this array of demands that stigmatize them.”


Homovox, which was established in November of last year, has created a website displaying testimony by numerous homosexuals who disavow the push for homosexual “marriage.” Willeincourt says that the organization marched on Sunday with up to one million other French citizens protesting the proposed legislation.

One participant calls the proposal a “homophobic bill,” while another remarks that “the law should seek what is best for the child, and that is to have a father and a mother.”

Williencourt's claims are supported by statistics from many jurisdictions that have created homosexual “marriages,” “civil unions” and other such arrangements.

In Spain, for example, only 22,124 homosexual “marriages” have occurred since the country created the institution in 2005, according to local media.  If one assumes that every marriage involved a unique couple, and that 3.5 percent of the population is homosexual (a standard figure produced by peer-reviewed studies on the topic) then less than 3% of Spain's homosexuals have availed themselves of “marriage” during the seven years of its availability.

In the Netherlands, according to a study by the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy (iMAPP), after ten years of homosexual “marriage” in the Netherlands, only eight percent of homosexuals were “married” in 2011.