Says we can’t keep offending God here and expect that He will bless our other efforts

BIRMINGHAM, ALABAMA, October 1, 2001 ( – On the Sept 25 Mother Angelica Live program on Eternal World Television Network (EWTN), ( Mother Angelica made an open appeal to President Bush to first halt the social and other terrorism in the nation. The world famous nun stated “I don’t think, unless we tackle the terrorists in OUR country, we can expect God to protect and guide us”…. “We can’t keep offending God here then ask for his blessing here. It’s not going to work”.

Mother Angelica, who is the founder of the Catholic radio and television network that is heard by millions around the world, had just returned to the program on Sept. 25 after a ten day absence caused by multiple strokes suffered just after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. The strokes have left her with slightly slurred speech, some unresponsive facial muscles and the need to wear an eye patch over one eye because she is unable to close the eye lid.

The aftermath of the New York/Washington terror obviously weighed heavily on her as she was recovering from her strokes. While expressing great empathy with the attack victims, praising the President’s speech to Congress and acknowledging that the U.S must bring about justice, Mother Angelica broadened the necessary strategy to win the battle. She identified pornography, abortion, child prostitution, the spread of drugs, the destruction of youth by an immoral media and the suppression of religious expression in public places as “other” terrorism that must be addressed. She stated that abortion has deprived the nation of millions of people who would otherwise be there to defend the nation. The influential nun summarized, “I think some drastic anti-terrorism has to be done in this country – to make us free – to make us filled with trust in God. Then, then you (Bush) can do the work that you have been given to do. And then the almighty God from on high will be with you, and with! this country, and with the world.”

Mother Angelica ended her comments with “We must be brave and we must accept our penance. We must also change”.

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