ALICANTE, Spain, June 24, 2013 ( – Police arrested a 26-year-old woman in Alicante, Spain, after they say she flushed her two-day-old baby boy down her toilet because she could not afford an abortion.

A neighbor alerted the police at 2 a.m. local time Sunday that perhaps a cat was caught in the apartment building's pipe system.


Instead, police rescued a 4 lb., 8 oz. boy, with umbilical cord still attached, who was wrapped in plastic bags.

Police say the newborn may have been lodged inside the pipe for as much as 40 hours before being rescued. He suffered bone fractures and other injuries from being lodged in the pipe, but none are described as life-threatening.

The mother was arrested after authorities say she told staff at her local hospital that she had miscarried, but then admitted her crime. She is facing attempted murder charges.

Authorities have not released the mother's ethnicity or religion. However, earlier this month police arrested a 26-year-old Kurdish immigrant in the UK for throwing her six-day-old baby down a five-story garbage chute last September.


Yesterday's rescue marks yet another in a bizarre rash of cases of mothers throwing their own babies into the trash, or flushing them down a toilet, or both. Abortionists, who are often charged with improper disposal of unborn children's bodies, have been known to encourage mothers to flush babies down the toilet or throw them in the trash.

In perhaps the most celebrated case, video footage of Chinese workers dimantling a sewage pipe after a mother “accidentally” gave birth and flushed her baby down the toilet went viral.

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The mother of “Baby 59,” who hid her out-of-wedlock pregnancy out of fear of the nation's one child policy, also said she could not afford an abortion.

The incidents of mothers disposing of their children like common refuse span the globe.

On Friday morning, police in Oildale, California, found the body of a newborn child in a trashcan.