MELBOURNE, Australia, August 31, 2011 ( – A 23-week-gestation unborn baby is dead and a 40-year-old mother is in critical condition in a Melbourne hospital, following complications during a late-term abortion.

Marie Stopes Maroondah, formerly known as the Croydon Day Centre, confirmed today that “a patient at our associate registered day procedure centre in Victoria was transferred to Box Hill Hospital on Thursday 18th August.”

“At this stage there is no evidence to suggest that the patient’s transfer or medical condition is due to the service that they received,” said Maria Deveson Crabbe, CEO of Marie Stopes International Australia.

Australia’s late abortion specialist, Dr. Schulberg, the owner and physician at the facility, told Late Line that “the patient had a serious previous existing condition and that the abortion had nothing to do with her current state of health.”

But despite the efforts of the international abortion giant to avoid negative PR, Victoria State Health Minister David Davis says the matter is being investigated.

“I think Victorians would be quite concerned, but I don’t want to go into the specifics of the case for the obvious reasons of confidentiality,” said Davis.

Life Network Australia, a pro-life, pro-woman organization said that the “greatest injustice of this whole tragic situation is that in this instance, it is possible that there will be two fatalities.”

“The twenty four week old baby, like all other late term babies who are aborted, endured two days of excruciating pain (no anaesthetic required by Victorian law),” said Life Network. “While Victorian law recognises (sic) the rights of the mother – who is receiving excellent hospital care, her dead baby remains ignored by law, discarded by our society and another victim of our violent abortion industry.”

An anonymous source at a marriage and family centre in Melbourne told LSN that the Marie Stopes Maroondah abortion facility is “one of the worst in the country and will do abortions that no one else would touch.”

The Maroondah mill has also previously been in the news after the facility’s anesthetist, James Latham Peters, 61, was charged last May with 54 counts of endangering the lives of his patients when he infected them with his hepatitis C disease as they had abortions.

At least 4,000 women who had abortions at Peters’ facilities have already been tested, according to the Herald Sun. The lawyer for the women, Paula Shelton, said her clients have raised questions about why health authorities allowed Dr. Peters to continue practicing when there was mounting evidence concerning his own drug use, the illegal supply of drugs he provided to others, and charges of possessing child-pornography.

There is “very little government regulation/oversight of these kind of clinics,” said the source at the marriage and family centre to LSN.

“When abortion was ‘decriminalized’ in Victoria we tried to ensure that there was some regulation of these kind of clinics but all amendments to the legislation were defeated.”

The State of Victoria decriminalized abortion up to 24 weeks gestation in November, 2008.