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(LifeSiteNews) — As the abortion movement threatens our communities and pushes the anti-life narrative worldwide, LifeSite remains committed to sharing the biggest voices and most influential leaders in the pro-life movement — with the most powerful yet in a brand-new episode of The John-Henry Westen Show. 

John-Henry Westen speaks with a mother of thirteen children, including six adopted children, Mary Ann Kuharski — founder of “ProLife Across America.” 

Kuharski’s remarkable pro-life experience comes from decades of building a culture of life through her own motherhood and her work for ProLife Across America. Her insights include: 

  • Exposing the sinfulness of contraceptives used even in marriage 
  • Raising children who can resist negative peer-pressure 
  • Overcoming the countless difficulties of parenthood  
  • The importance of faithfully raising one’s children  
  • Understanding the vocation of procreation 

Don’t miss out on this uniquely insightful interview on the spiritual significance and importance of motherhood from one of the most zealous pro-life advocates today — and on what other pro-lifers can learn from her wealth of experience as a mother, entrepreneur, and faithful Catholic.  

Kuharski also reveals the deep impact that husbands, fathers, and other men make to fight and win against the culture of death — building a culture of life for generations to come. 

“Men are natural providers and protectors. They want to help that woman,” she says.

LifeSite’s continued work at the forefront to protect life, faith, family, and freedom is now more important than ever. John-Henry’s interview with Mary Ann Kuharski is one you will not want to miss.