By Matthew Cullinan Hoffman

VIRGINIA, January 5, 2008 ( – Lisa Miller, an ex-lesbian engaged in a fight to stop her former lesbian partner from having unsupervised visits with her daughter, has now announced that she will allow no further visits of any kind.

Miller’s decision, which is in direct defiance of numerous court orders, may result in heavy fines, jail time, and loss of custody of her six year old child to lesbian Janet Jenkins.  She faces a hearing tomorrow in Virginia and another in Vermont on January 28. Jenkins has asked that tomorrow’s hearing result in Miller’s imprisonment.

“I can only pray for courage and strength to carry out God’s will on Tuesday – whatever he decides,” Miller told LifeSiteNews via e-mail. “I did tell Isabella about the hearing and I did tell her about possibly having to go to jail.  I needed to do that so she wouldn’t be caught off guard. I think she is still processing the conversation. I hated to tell her. However, I need to in case I didn’t come home on Tuesday after the hearing.”

“God doesn’t want her in that situation with Janet,” Miller said, adding that “Isabella doesn’t want to go. She says that Janet is not her mom.”

Miller states that her daughter has exhibited disturbing behavior and has spoken of suicide following visits with Jenkins, who has no biological connection to the girl.  Jenkins was named a “parent” of Isabella by Vermont Judge William D. Cohen, on the grounds that Miller and Jenkins were in a civil union when Isabella was conceived by artificial insemination. 

Despite Miller’s testimony regarding the effect of the visits on her child, as well as other testimony gathered by her attorneys, Judge Cohen has thus far failed to schedule a hearing on the accusations, and continues to order unsupervised visits for Isabella with Jenkins. 

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