RICHMOND, VA, June 6, 2013 ( – The mother accused of giving giving birth to her baby in a toilet, then throwing the girl's body in a dumpster has been charged with murder.

Richmond Circuit Judge Gregory L. Rupe charged Shavaughn Robinson with first-degree murder in a brief court appearance yesterday. She had previously been charged with criminal concealment of a dead body.

On May 28, the 27-year-old gave birth to the baby in the restroom of the Lee Medical Building, where she worked as a massage therapist.


A janitor reportedly saw her cleaning up blood but accepted her word that she had been ill.

Police say after fishing her newborn girl out of the toilet, Robinson placed the body in the restroom trash can, covered her in paper towels, then cinched the bag and tossed it into the trash bin behind the building.

“Her only concern was cleaning up her mess,” said Assistant Commonwealth's Attorney Janae Craddock.

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A staff member testified seeing Robinson carrying something under her arm “like a football” as she exited the building.

Judge Rupe ordered that she be held without bond. A further trial date has not yet been set.