CALIFORNIA, Feb 11 (LSN)—This week, the press has reported on two mothers who have refused to abort their children, contrary to the advice of their doctors. In California a 21-year-old mother, Karen Crowe, refused to abort her children, whom doctors said were joined and should be aborted. Another mother in Sao Paulo Brazil was advised to abort her child since doctors believe the child has anencephaly, or an absence of brain tissue.  Mrs Crowe told reporters, astonished by her unwillingness to kill her children, “I’m not going to play God. If God takes my babies, that’s up to Him…I had to give them a chance of life,  whether they are crippled or not.” The twins are expected to be delivered today. The Brazilian couple has decided that if their baby is born with anencephaly (which would result in death hours after birth) they would donate their child's organs to help save the lives of other children. The Brazilian mother is due to give birth in five months.