OTTAWA, April 22, 2002 ( – On April 23 Canadian Alliance Family Issues Critic Larry Spencer will present a motion in parliament to address child pornography and the low age of sexual consent. The motion will include provisions to prohibit the creation and use of child pornography. It will also aim to protect underage children from sexual exploitation by adults, by raising the Canadian legal age of consent, currently at 14.

The Canada Family Action Coalition (CFAC) was delighted with the motion. “Under current legislation, adults can legally prey on and have sex with children in Canada because the age of consent is 14,” says Brian Rushfeldt, CFAC Executive Director. “More recently some perverted forms of child pornography have become legal to possess and distribute.”

Despite massive public pressure, Rushfeldt notes that the government has failed to legislate on these important matters. “On Tuesday April 23, Parliament has an opportunity to show its resolve and fulfill its duty to legislate protection and security for Canadian children from predators and perverts. Will it do so, or will it continue to turn “blind minds” upon issues involving sex and children. The courts have failed also – legislation is the only solution left”, says Rushfeldt.

Some homosexual groups and individuals have been especially supportive of the low age of consent and the legitimacy of what is referred to as ‘intergenerational sex’.