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Nick Vujicic, founder of the ministry organization Life Without Limbs.

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LOS ANGELES, California, July 5, 2021 (LifeSiteNews) – After his bank account was shut down, pro-life motivational speaker Nick Vujicic determined to create a bank to support pro-life work free from social control. 

On Thursday, Nick Vujicic spoke with The Epoch Times about his new project. Vujicic, 38, is a motivational speaker who travels to spread the message of the Gospel. Born without any limbs, he overcame enormous obstacles to create his own ministry organization, Life Without Limbs. Beginning in March 2019, he decided to speak out for unborn babies killed through abortion. 

Within 16 weeks, “we had a grenade at our house, a false magazine article published against me, a lawsuit threat, a spying drone, and a bank kicked me out,” Vujicic revealed. 

“Once I got kicked out of a bank with no warning,” he continued. “They froze my credit cards, froze my debit cards. They gave me a letter to say that they did a review of me as a client and they don’t want anything to do with me.”

Increasingly, banks are denying service to patrons who do not comply with their social agenda. Last year, a British bank threatened to cancel the accounts of patrons who entered the bank without face coverings. In June 2021, an American bank shut down the account of a conservative Christian activist, leaving her stranded without money outside her home state.  

Around this time, Vujicic learned that his bank, along with most others, regularly donate to organizations that support the murder of babies through abortion. His long-time friend, Betsy Gray, proposed founding a pro-life bank together.  Vujicic and Gray decided to undertake the project, calling the potential bank the Pro-Life Bank

On their website, Gray said, “I believe all human beings are sacred image-bearers of God. Therefore, in 2018, our non-profit looked to do business with a bank that did not philanthropically support the largest non-profit organization that terminates innocent human life.”

“After three weeks of research, our Board Treasurer was quite shocked to report; there was NOT such a bank in our city,” she continued. 

“After much lamenting and prayer, I felt called by God to start a pro-life bank that not only supports the lives of unborn children but also is aligned with all of God's principles – and ProLifeBank (Proposed) was born.”