THE ROOKIE – Disney : A heart warming, pro-family movie about a happily married, baseball loving high school teacher with three small children. He finds himself in the unexpected situation of possibly, at a late age, fulfilling his life-long dream of playing for a pro baseball team. Chock full of goodness and wonderful life lessons. Nothing at all objectionable. Excellent acting and music.

ICE AGE – If you fell the need for a lot of good, clean laughs, this movie is for you. A very different kind of animated movie about a small group of a mammoth, sabre tooth tiger and giant sloth who team up to return a lost native infant to its family. Sounds odd but the excellent dialogue and graphics make this a winner for all ages, including grandma and grandad. Some viewers are known to cry from laughter, especially because of the crazy antics of the neurotic prehistoric squirrel and the Dodos.