Movie/Television/Rap Star Nick Cannon Shoots Pro-Life Music Video

HOLLYWOOD, CA, June 10, 2005 ( - Nick Cannon, an accomplished actor, comedian, songwriter and producer with a host of credentials to his name at the age of twenty-four, including his own television show, has released his debut solo album. The album marks Cannon’s first all-out effort to cross from the film-making/television industry into the music industry, although he has been involved in the music scene for years, working closely with the likes of Will Smith.

Nick CannonThe feature song entitled "Can I Live", on the album by the same name, is being praised by advocates of the culture of life for its powerfully pro-life statement. Cannon recently released the music video for the song, which is available for free online. The video has been consistently voted in the top ten at the music-video rating site, 106 Park & 10 for some weeks. (to vote go here: )

The video, skillfully directed by Cannon himself, beautifully dramatizes the torment and the uncertainty as Cannon’s own mother arrives at a "Women’s Health Clinic" (abortuary) in the late seventies with the obvious intention of ending the life of her child. Cannon himself appears in the video clad in white, symbolically portraying the person of the as-yet unborn child, and giving voice to his own implicit right and desire to live.

Throughout the video he tries to connect with his unheeding mother and to plead his own case, at one point crying out to her "300 Dollars that’s the price of living what? / Mommy I don’t like this clinic / hopefully you’ll make the right decision / and don’t go though with the Knife Decision."
  In the second to last scene Cannon’s mother rises from the operating table as her unborn son’s silent arguments penetrate and she runs from the clinic into the sunshine. There she is greeted by several dozen children singing the chorus and wearing T-shirts with the words "Can I Live" printed on them. 

The video closes with Cannon hugging his present-day mother saying "I am just telling ya’ll my story/ I love my life / I love my mother for giving me life / We all need to appreciate life/ A strong women that had to make a sacrifice / Thanks for listening… /  Mama thanks for listening."

Cannon has received a slew of support from his fans on the message board of his official fan page, with many confessing that they wept the first time they viewed the video. One woman recounted how his video confirmed her in her last minute decision not to have an abortion.

Most remarkable of all is the message Cannon himself posted on the message board which runs as follows:

"This record is extremely important to me and to our community. There are a lot of young mothers in need and have had to struggle to raise their children. I just wanted to recognize all the strong women who are raising children on their own like my mother had to do. Myself and my foundation really want to help these young women.  If any of you out there know a single mother between the ages of 15-25 who may be having a difficult time I would love to hear the story. Please write to me and explain the condition and how I could possibly help. I will check the website and respond accordingly."

Subsequent posts by the board administrator assured his fans that Nick had received all the requests for assistance and was deliberating how to best assist each woman.

See the "Can I Live" video:

Thank Nick Cannon for his work by leaving a message on the message board at his official fan site:


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