OTTAWA, Sept 24 ( – Family and children’s issues critic for Canada’s Official Opposition, Eric Lowther, issued another statement against the upcoming UNICEF Canada and Elections Canada “National Election for the Rights of Youth,” and is urging Canadians to make their opposition to the initiative known at all levels of government. He recommended 7 reasons for opposing the initiative. Lowther explains that concerned citizens need to contact “the Prime Minister, the Government House Leader, your federal MP, your provincial MLA/MPP/MNA,  Elections Canada, and your local school board” to object to the vote. 

The Seven Reasons Why Canadians Should Object to Elections Canada’s ‘Child Rights’ Vote are: 

1. Elections Canada’s “Child Rights” vote is disrespectful of parents 2. Elections Canada’s “Child Rights” vote is manipulative of children 3. Elections Canada (EC) should remain non-political, and not organize an exercise whose results could be used as a political tool by lobby groups 4. Elections Canada is exceeding its mandate with this “child rights” vote 5. Elections Canada is interfering with provincial jurisdiction over education 6. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child is the wrong vehicle to teach kids about democracy 7. The timing of the vote is itself political  

Further explanation and contacts are available in today’s LifeSite Special Report.