OTTAWA, Mar 27 (LSN) – MP Paul Szabo (Lib., Mississauga South) has submitted a Private Members’  Bill to allow income splitting between spouses, to reduce tax-code discrimination against single-income families. Pro-family advocates are urging the grassroots to contact their MPs and ask them to support Mr. Szabo’s bill, which would significantly reduce the unfair burden the status quo places on families with stay-at-home moms.  In the previous parliament, one of Szabo’s motions to end unfair discrimination in child-care deductions passed with support from MPs in all parties, in spite of opposition from Liberal cabinet members. Unfortunately, as a motion, not a bill, the decision did not require that actual legislation be passed. Szabo’s current income-splitting initiative is a bill.  MP Paul Szabo (Lib., Mississauga South)  179 Confederation Building House of Commons, Ottawa, ON K1A 0A6.  Phone: (613) 992-4848