Ottawa, August 19, 2003 ( – The Ottawa Sun reported today that one anonymous MP told CanWest News that voter backlash over the issue could lead to the defeat of a substantial number of Liberal Members of Parliament. “People are talking 20 or 30 seats in rural Canada alone”…“It’s a reality” said the unidentified politician.

Liberal MP Andy Savoy told CanWest, “There’s an enormous amount of concern amongst rural MPs. I’m just inundated with faxes and e-mails and letters. People are very concerned-not about the equality rights but about the redefinition of marriage.”

Liberal MP Roger Gallaway also commented, “This is a gigantic mess… “The Cabinet is moving on a track that is shutting out any public input. I’m hearing great opposition [to gay marriage] from constituents.” Liberal MP John Volpe is also quoted as saying about the marijuana decriminalization and gay ‘marriage’ issues, “I’m getting letters from people saying, ‘What are you people doing? Never in our life when we voted Liberal did we think we were going to be doing this.’”

Pro-life, pro-family leaders are pleased that the public and many MPs finally appear to be waking up to the Canadian government’s extreme social re-engineering agenda and totalitarian bent. Pro-life and pro-family lobbyists have been valiantly fighting this for years at the United Nations where cabinet-appointed Canadian delegations have consistently been among the most radical in the world.

Campaign Life Coalition lobbyists have repeatedly told LifeSite that, because the Canadian public and most Members of Parliament have been completely been left out of the decision-making process on these international actions by the Liberal leadership, it has been almost impossible to convince Canadians of the gravity of the Liberal elite’s real international and national social agenda.

Now that Chretien and his inner circle have become more open in trying to accelerate their agenda in Canada, the public and politicians are seriously questioning their usual trust of political and other leaders. It appears that, to be a typically ‘nice’ Canadian, is now seen as possibly dangerous for political and religious freedoms and the future social health of the nation.