OTTAWA, Jan 13 (LifeSiteNews) – Canada’s only independent Member of Parliament, John Nunziata (York South-Weston) released a letter today written to homosexual activist MP Svend Robinson regarding the latter’s rough treatment of a pro-life Catholic priest on Parliament Hill.  LifeSite News reported on the incident last month. On one occasion Robinson took one of Fr.  Tony Van Hee’s signs, and after attempting unsuccessfully to crush it, threw it over the wall behind the priest.

The following is the complete text of Mr. Nunziata’s letter:

It is with great disappointment that I find I must write to express disgust at your behaviour and actions towards Father Van Hee. I find it very disturbing, to say nothing of hypocritical, that you would be the one to trample on another citizen’s right to freedom of speech. It is quite ironic considering that you have spent the majority of your Parliamentary career as an advocate of the rights of individuals. Many have tolerated your extreme views over the years, and while I often disagree with you I have always defended your right to speak.

To challenge Father Van Hee is one thing, but to do so with violent actions is quite another matter. By your conduct you have aligned yourself with the fringe element of those who pursue results at any cost. This is not the Canadian way. Equally offensive is your choice to confront and abuse Father Van Hee on the steps of Parliament, the heart of Canadian rights and freedoms.

Our right to freedom of speech is enshrined in the Canadian Constitution and I entreat you to remember this.

I trust that you will take my views and those of other Canadians who have expressed similar sentiments to me into consideration before you contemplate any further actions towards Father Van Hee.

At the very least Svend, you owe Father Van Hee an apology for what I hope was a momentary lapse of your sense of fair play.

See the LifeSite report on the incident including an interview with Fr. Van Hee.

(with files from Canada Family Action Coalition)