CORNWALL, ON, Aug 28, 2001 ( – The third investigation into allegations of an organized pedophile ring in Cornwall, Ontario has found insufficient evidence of a ring despite the fact that there were 115 charges laid against 15 people, from gross indecency to sexual assault. MPP Gary Guzzo, who has been following the case closely since it was launched in 1992, has said that key video evidence was illegally destroyed by police years ago.

Mr. Guzzo told the Ottawa Citizen that the “kingpins” of the alleged pedophile clan—several prominent members of the Cornwall community—appeared on the videotapes with young boys. Guzzo says that the tapes contained evidence that would have proven the existence of a high-society pedophile ring in Cornwall.

Conservatives in Canada are astonished that the Canadian provincial police and government are unable or unwilling to tackle the issue effectively. Fear seems to be a major factor in the case since a number of people in the Cornwall area have committed suicide or have been found dead.

Earlier this month, a group fighting sexual exploitation of children came out with a report noting that Canada withdrew from an international police crackdown on the world’s most intricate child pornography network, allowing 16 members of the group living in Canada to go unpunished. Last month LifeSite reported that according to child advocacy groups in the United States, pedophile websites that are forced out of the U.S. by authorities find their material welcomed in Canada. Finally, it took Canada over two years to restore its laws against possession of child pornography after a BC court struck down the law.

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