By Steve Jalsevac

  PITTSBURGH, March 17, 2008 ( – Hillary Clinton came to Pittsburgh this past Saturday to march in the city’s giant St. Patrick’s Day parade, the second largest in the US. Clinton, who is militantly pro-abortion and has vowed to be the first US President to march in a homosexual rights parade if she wins the presidency, was in town to strengthen her Catholic supporter base in Western Pennsylvania.

At least one parade viewer with some of her family, however, plus one lone parade marcher, felt compelled to point out the contradiction of Clinton marching in a parade honoring a great pro-life Catholic saint, who would have abhorred Clinton’s policies on moral issues.

“When I heard that Senator Clinton was going to be marching in our Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day parade, I was incensed that an event in honor of a Catholic saint was going to be used as a ‘campaign event’ for a campaign that is so contradictory to so much of what the Church teaches – especially on pro-life issues,” said Meg Jalsevac.  “I thought that a respectful sign would just remind Mrs. Clinton that St. Patrick would not have agreed with a lot of positions her campaign is promoting and perhaps prick her conscience – even just a little bit.” 

Meg, who is the secretary-treasurer of, hurriedly created such a sign on Friday night. The next morning she and some family visiting from out of town set themselves up at the beginning of the parade route.

  Near the head of the parade marched Pittsburgh’s Catholic Archbishop David A. Zubik, along with a make-believe St. Patrick, dressed in bright green vestments.

  Soon afterwards, the huge Clinton contingent arrived, preceded by a tractor trailer carrying numerous media reporters. This was immediately followed by a swarm of secret service agents carrying a rope barrier.

Clinton was accompanied by notable supporters, including Pittsburgh’s young Catholic Mayor Luke Ravenstahl, Governor Ed Rendell and Allegheny County Chief Executive Dan Onorato.  A group of Clinton supporters, carrying large green Clinton Shamrock signs and wearing green Clinton t-shirts, followed Clinton.

  As Clinton approached, Meg Jalsevac held high her homemade sign with the words, “Mrs. Clinton: St. Patrick was Pro-Life”.

“When the Clinton entourage was approaching,” related Meg, “supporters, media and Secret Service were swarming everywhere – it was total commotion and chaos and, as they approached, all we could see of Mrs. Clinton was a glimpse of her waving hand.  But as the whole group was passing only about 20 or 30 feet from us, I went to the edge of parade gatherers and held up the sign.  Just as she passed our spot, it seemed like everyone kind of moved out of the way – and she looked right at my sign.  I saw her read it then she looked down at me and promptly turned her head.  The woman standing beside me laughed and said that she also saw Mrs. Clinton read the sign and immediately turn her head.”

  The distinguished guests with Clinton also saw Meg’s sign and commented to each other about it. The point had been made.

Later, a lone marcher passed by carrying a large placard with a beautiful photo of a baby and the word LIFE across the top of the sign. All along the one mile parade route he shouted, “Clinton and Obama are pro-abortion”.

After that, Jalsevac’s two year-old daughter, seeing the enthusiasm with which her mother held her special sign, stubbornly insisted on holding the sign herself for over an hour afterwards. “After Mrs. Clinton passed, we kept our sign out and our little daughter latched on to it,” said Meg. “For about an hour afterwards, she got many, many curious looks as her stroller was pushed around the parade area while she clung on to a sign that reminded Mrs. Clinton that St. Patrick was pro-life.”

Sunday was Hilary Clinton’s second day campaigning in Pittsburgh in order to strengthen her support for the April 22 Pennsylvania Democratic primary. Obama supporters were visible along the parade route with their own signs. However, a local Clinton supporter was quoted in the Pittsburgh Tribune Review stating he was stunned by the show of support for Clinton in Pennsylvania. Parade Chairman Jim Green told the Tribune Review that Irish Americans have a soft spot for Clinton and her husband for their work that helped to bring about peace in Northern Ireland during Bill Clinton’s presidency.

  The Tribune Review reports that although some parts of the state are strongly supportive of Senator Obama polls indicate Clinton is expected to win the state.

  Photos by Theresa Jalsevac