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(LifeSiteNews) — An MSNBC host interrupted a reporter on air when he used the term “pro-life,” telling him that the phrase is “inaccurate.”

During a brief conversation between MSNBC host Andrea Mitchell and NBC reporter Garrett Haake on Thursday, Mitchell awkwardly corrected Haake’s use of the phrase “pro-life,” despite the fact that he was quoting a Republican representative.

In the clip, Mitchell asks Haake what prompted Nancy Mace of South Carolina to vote in favor of the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act, which passed in the U.S. House of Representatives earlier this week. Prior to the bill’s passage, Mace had spoken with MSNBC and expressed that it was “the wrong tone for her caucus to be pursuing” and “why it was unfair to women, especially women who had been subjected to rape or incest,” according to Mitchell.

If passed in the Senate, H.R. 26 would require medical professionals to treat babies who survive botched abortions with the same dignity with which they care for newborns not threatened by abortion.

“She told reporters after the fact that at the end of the day she is, as she described herself, pro-life and that she felt it was important to vote for these measures despite their potentially politically damaging or politically unappealing appearance, if you will, for future voters,” Haake explained about Mace’s vote.

“Let me just interrupt and say that ‘pro-life’ is a term that they may — that an entire group wants to use, but that is not an accurate description,” Mitchell cut in.

Haake professionally replied, “I’m using it because that’s the term she used to describe herself, Andrea.”

“I understand. I understand,” Mitchell said. Then, after a few seconds of complete silence, she added, “That was her explanation.”

After another awkward pause, she turned the conversation to another congressman.

This is not the first time mainstream media and journalism has attempted to limit the use of certain terms that are falsely referred to as inaccurate. Last month, the Associated Press updated its topical guide in the AP Stylebook to encourage use of the term “abortion later in pregnancy” rather than “late-term abortion.” The organization claimed that abortions do not occur at 41 weeks’ gestation — which is the time frame provided by the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists for committing “late-term abortions.”

However, multiple states have legislation in place that allows for abortion on demand up until the moment of birth.


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