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COOK COUNTY, Illinois (LifeSiteNews) — Some cities are resisting a vaccine passport system that was established last week in Cook County, Illinois.  

The county is a Democratic Party stronghold and is the largest in the state. Chicago is one of its cities. Its population comprises about 40% of the state. 

But not everyone is on board with the requirement that restaurants, bars, and fitness centers “must require any individual 5 years of age and older to show proof that they are fully-vaccinated against COVID-19 with an approved vaccine in order to enter the establishment.”  

So far leaders from Orland Park, Niles, Morton Grove and Lincolnwood have chosen to not enforce the vaccine mandate in their towns,” The Center Square reported.

Tinley Park will also refuse to enforce the passport system, according to Fox 32. 

We have all struggled over the last 21 months with this pandemic, but we can get through this together by using common sense and respecting others. I am confident that our resilient community will move forward in 2022 stronger and better than before,” Tinley Park Mayor Michael Glotz wrote on a letter on the city’s website.  

“I must provide that all residents, visitors and employees are treated equally,” he said in his message.  A portion of his town is in Will County, which does not have a passport system. 

Nearby Orland Park’s mayor has stronger words about the passport requirement. 

I have a village of nearly 60,000 residents to answer to; I don’t need extreme politicians in Cook County government telling me what is best for Orland Park,” Mayor Keith Pekau said in a December letter to Cook County Board President Toni Preckwinkle, the Patch reported. 

The mayor reiterated his objection  to the requirement in a January 4 video:

“The vaccine passport requirement, ordered by one person is an affront to our laws and the rights of our citizens and businesses,” the mayor said.  

He noted that a legal opinion justifying the executive order was released after the announcement of the mandate. 

Pekau alleged that the county shared with him outdated data to justify the decision. 

I asked Toni Preckwinkle for data supporting her vaccine mandate,” he wrote on Twitter. “They sent over a case study of COVID cases in 3 gyms in June & July of 2020 in Hawaii. . . I wish I was joking. Somehow, 3 gyms on an island before the vaccine justifies a vaccine mandate here in Cook Co. in ’22.” 

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PETITION: The Supreme Court MUST Block Biden's Vaccine Mandates!
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Millions of people's jobs and their family's livelihoods depend on the outcome of cases being argued in front of the U.S. Supreme Court TODAY, and we want YOUR NAME on this appeal to the nine Justices asking them to put a stop to Biden's unconstitutional vaccine mandates!

Two separate mandates are on the line.

The first is the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) vaccine mandate, which requires all healthcare workers and staff at such facilities subject to federal regulation, to get the Covid-19 vaccine or submit to regular testing for the virus.

The second is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) vaccine mandate, which is actually much larger in size and scope, and would require all businesses operating in the United States with more than 100 employees to implement their own policy requiring their workers to get the Covid-19 vaccine, or face penalties such as citations and fines.

The OSHA mandate was unfortunately reinstated by the 6th Circuit Court of Appeals back on December 18th, when it lifted an earlier injunction that had blocked it from going into effect as initially planned by the Biden Administration on the basis that OSHA did, in fact, have the authority to issue a sweeping mandate such as this.

If no action is taken prior to January 10th -- less than a week from today -- businesses that fail to comply with this vast government overreach will begin to be unjustly penalized.

That's why we're asking you to lend a helping hand with this urgent effort to defend working Americans' individual liberties and medical autonomy by signing YOUR NAME onto this petition to our U.S. Supreme Court Justices, imploring them to echo earlier federal court rulings that blocked these unconstitutional mandates from going into effect.

It should truly go without saying that any decision that could affect the health and well-being of individual Americans is one that should be made without coercion, manipulation, and intimidation. But of course, that has not been the attitude taken by our federal government over the course of the last year.

The Biden Administration has shown time and again its hostility towards American citizens' constitutional freedoms, and by attempting to institute these mandates, it is embracing medical tyranny over medical autonomy once again, and our country's workers will find themselves its latest victim.

We already know that the federal government has overstepped its bounds in its wide-encompassing campaign to coerce the public into getting the vaccine, and, of course, neither OSHA nor CMS has the ability to craft legislation, even in times of emergency, nor the authority to issue, but these mandates will effectively do just that.

This is an abuse of power within the executive branch, plain and simple.

That's why our nation's highest court must be steadfast in protecting the rights of our nation's working people rather than the authoritarian desires of Washington politicians and bureaucrats.

In the wake of the rising Omicron variant of Covid-19, we are reminded that the vaccines heralded by Joe Biden and his allies are not only experimental in their present nature (clinical trials have yet to be completed), but are largely ineffective at preventing the spread of the virus itself.

As reports of fully-vaccinated Americans testing positive for Covid pour in, we must ask ourselves: When will enough be enough?

Should these mandates be upheld by the Supreme Court, and therefore permitted to go into effect while appeals from challengers work their way through lower courts, countless Americans will be at risk of losing their jobs and sacrificing their livelihoods for not adhering to authoritarian-style demands on the part of our federal government.

The CMS mandate will ensure that millions of healthcare professionals and frontline workers will go without work, and, in turn, millions of patients will go without the care they need -- even as Covid numbers continue to spike.

Likewise, the OSHA mandate, which would affect an estimated 84 million American workers, will not only leave millions more without work, but will also penalize employers who choose to prioritize their employees' freedoms and personal needs over submitting to unreasonable, oppressive government demands.

This is not for the greater good of our country and its people, and it's certainly not constitutional.

Our Supreme Court Justices must do their duty and protect the American people from these dangerous mandates.

Please SIGN and SHARE this important petition asking our nation's Supreme Court Justices to stand up for the rights of American workers by blocking Joe Biden's unconstitutional vaccine mandates from going into effect while challenges to the policies work their way through the court system.

Thank you!


'Supreme Court to hear 2 Biden vaccine mandate cases on Jan. 7':


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Oak Park local media calls people who reject COVID-19 jabs ‘deranged’

One village that is strongly in favor of “segregating” the unvaccinated from the jabbed is liberal Oak Park, which sits on the Chicago border. In a place where “No human being is illegal” and “Hate has no home here” signs can frequently be found in front yards and apartment windows, residents will have to show their papers to eat in restaurants. Oak Park voted 89% in favor of President Joe Biden in 2020. 

The local news site is in favor of the requirement, calling those who have not taken the abortion-tainted jabs “deranged.” 

Rational people have taken this proactive, life-affirming step [getting jabbed],” the editorial board of the Wednesday Journal said in a January 4 piece.They deserve to be protected by government, by business, by churches, by restaurants, theaters, gyms and nightclubs from an irrational minority of people who have turned a worldwide pandemic into some sort of political proving ground for the deranged.” 

The editorial board for the local news site says it has “contempt” for those who have chosen not to get jabbed, even though the purpose of a vaccine is ostensibly to protect the person who takes it from contracting a disease. 

“Segregating those people from the rest of us so that we can move toward some changed sense of normal life — breakfast at Louie’s, lunch at George’s, dinner at Lou Malnati’s — makes perfect sense,” the editorial board wrote. “We have no second thoughts on this. We have no sympathy for the unvaccinated. Actually, we have contempt for them, and we don’t want them sitting near us coughing on our popcorn at the Lake Theatre.” 

The board previously wrote in August 2021 that it wanted vaccine mandates for all city employees and again used the term “deranged.” 

“We have as a nation reached this lunatic moment when we have the methods to stomp this virus and the majority is allowing a deranged minority to block the attempt for reasons that are nonsensical, and an assault on the common good,” the board wrote. 

It again endorsed a new segregation for the 21st century. 

“Our collective future depends on the rational use of the tools we have to sequester the misguided into increasingly narrow lives apart from the rest of us,” the board wrote.