By Peter J. Smith

  VIENNA, March 19, 2007 ( – A new museum dedicated to abortion and contraception opened this week in Vienna, cataloguing a history of human effort through the ages devoted to suppressing or destroying the next generation of human life in the womb.

  According to Deutsch-Welle, abortionist Dr. Christian Fiala, chairman of the International Association of Abortion and Contraception Specialists, conceived the idea of building a museum dedicated to the history of his profession in the city where he has directed an abortion/family planning clinic for the previous 10 years.

  Fiala’s museum is divided into two separate rooms that are linked together just like contraception and abortion. In order to get to the abortion room, visitors must first pass through the contraception room, where they can see exhibits such as the first birth control pill juxtaposed with old-fashioned condoms made of pig bladders. If the contraception exhibit fails to satisfy, visitors may choose to enter into the abortion room by passing through a doorway of hanging pregnancy test kits from the 1960s.

“Until about 1900,” Deutsch-Welle reports, “abortions were so dangerous that it was safer for women to carry the child to term and then kill it after it was born.” However, visitors can listen to recordings of abortionists discussing how killing a child before birth was “still a life-threatening procedure” 30 years ago – for the mother, not just the child.

“Today we believe that if we discuss abortions or the laws that govern them that it is solely about the rights of the fetus,” said Fiala. “But we forget that a fetus cannot live unless it inside a healthy woman. And that there is no one other than the woman herself of [sic] can or should make any decisions about her pregnancy.”
  Conservatives may see the Museum of Contraception and Abortion as a memorial befitting Europe’s aging native societies, which due to their preference for a contraception/abortion mentality over families and fecundity have produced an unprecedented demographic crisis.

  The United Nations 2006 Revision to World Population Prospects reports that by 2050, Europe will experience a demographic meltdown with countries such as Ukraine losing 33% of its population, Russia 25%, Poland 20.5%, and Germany 10.3% by 2050.

  Canadian conservative columnist Mark Steyn has observed repeatedly that burgeoning immigrant Islamic populations, who in most part don’t identify themselves with the culture of their well-advanced European neighbors, are already in a position to soon take over management of a barren Europe that has contracepted itself out of the future.