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 Dacey Media/Twitter screenshot

OTTAWA, Ontario (LifeSiteNews) — Canadian Muslims went to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s office to protest LGBT ideology being pushed on children in schools, as protests erupt across the country.  

On June 24, a group of Muslims gathered outside Trudeau’s office on Wellington Street in downtown Ottawa to protest the promotion of LGBT agenda in the classroom 

“Leave our kids alone,” parents shouted, according to video footage shared on Twitter by Dacey Media. 

“We need the Canadian flag up there,” one man declared, pointing to an LGBT flag on the side of the building. “This is the Prime Minister of Canada. It should only be the Canadian flag.” 

Muslims parents and students have been increasingly standing up with Catholics and other Christians against LGBT indoctrination in schools. 

In May, hundreds of students, reportedly predominantly Muslim, stayed home when their London, Ontario, schools flew the “pride” flag.    

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On June 1, thousands of students across Canada stayed home to protest the promotion of “Pride Month” in the public education system, with one school said to have 75 percent of its students missing.   

A recently leaked audio recording exposing a Canadian teacher lambasting her Muslim students for missing school to protest “pride” sparked a backlash across social media. Many were outraged that the teacher implied that students cannot withhold support for “pride” and be “Canadian.” 

In early June, pro-family Canadians clashed with Antifa and pro-LGBT activists at a protest in Ottawa, resulting in police arresting five people, including one pro-LGBT counter-protester who was caught on film punching an elderly man.  

Video footage from the event showing Muslim children stomping on “pride” flags has since gone viral on social media.    

In Calgary, hundreds of Christian and Muslim parents gathered last week to protest LGBT propaganda in schools.