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Muslim student giving impassioned speech against LGBT ideology in public schools in Calgary, AlbertaYYC Muslims / Facebook

CALGARY, Alberta (LifeSiteNews) — Well over 250 Muslim and Christian parents, children, and other pro family citizens gathered for the second straight weekend in Canada’s largest Western city to protest the ongoing promotion of extreme LGBT ideology in public schools. 

One Muslim student gave a passionate speech against her being force-fed pro-LGBT ideals in school.  

“For, the rainbow people, I want to say you want us to listen to you so bad, then you listen to us. You want us to hear you and respect your rights, you respect ours. You fought to be called proud, we want to be called woman, not ‘ciswoman,’” said the Muslim student in a passionate speech at the protest held in Calgary, Alberta.  

“Let us speak. You want your right to be heard so bad, not our right to be heard. You choose to be selfish; you choose for only your rights to be heard, you only listen to things that benefit you and nobody else. Leave your ideology outside of our school.” 

The Muslim student said she came to Canada for her “religious freedom” and not to have to be “forced to learn about something I don’t agree with.” 

“I go to school to learn… not about your ideologies,” she added.  

The protest was the second such event in a week and was spearheaded by the Alberta Muslims Social Association (AMSA) and Calgary Muslim group YYC Muslims, with help from Christian groups. It took place on Saturday in front of the Calgary City Hall. The demonstration saw parents and kids chanting, “Let kids be kids.” 

A little over fifty counter-protesters were present at the demonstration, many of whom could be seen waving pro-LGBT and “pride” flags, with some signs reading, “Inclusive education saves lives,” and “Protect queer youth.”  

Despite a heavy police presence at the protest as well as furious exchanges between the two groups, no arrests were made.  

One of the protest organizers, Mahmoud Mourra, told the Western Standard. “I need to protect my kids who are underage to have the freedom of choice to decide what they want to decide or do whatever they want to do when they’re eligible to make the right decision.” 

In a Facebook post about the protest, YYC Muslims said that “we must stand together to protect our kids’ schools from all ideology & identity. Please bring your kids and let us have a family-friendly environment, and a peaceful protest to free our kid’s education system.” 

“With our respect, we will defeat their hate. With our actions, we will defeat their accusations. #LeaveOurKidsAlone. Something we all should agree on,” wrote the group. 

Last week, the same group had its first large protest against LGBT propaganda being taught to kids in public schools. That protest, dubbed “Protecting our Freedom of Choice,” was also organized by AMSA and was also held in front of Calgary’s City Hall.   

It is likely AMSA will be holding further protests in the coming weeks, noted the organizers.  

The protests were quickly organized following an incident in an Alberta school involving Muslim students and a pro-LGBT teacher.  

As reported by LifeSiteNews, three weeks ago Canadians expressed outrage online after a leaked audio recording exposed a teacher from Edmonton, Alberta, for lambasting her Muslim students for skipping so-called “pride events.” In the recording, the teacher also suggested that opposing gay “pride” events excludes one from being considered “Canadian.”   

In recent weeks, there has been a steady rise in protests against LGBT propaganda across Canada.  

Last week, following massive parental and public backlash, the Minister of Education for Saskatchewan publicly banned Planned Parenthood from doing presentations in public schools, after disturbing images of extreme and graphic pornographic flashcards given to students were shared online. 

In a recent blog post, LifeSiteNews’s Jonathon VanMaren wrote that Canadian parents have reached a breaking point with LGBT indoctrination targeting kids. 

“The entire idea of ‘pride’ in sexual identity is foolish and wrongheaded, but it is important to note that educators are making it clear that ‘pride’ only applies to sexual identities other than heterosexual. That, as anyone who understands anything about children, matters,” wrote Van Maren.