By Gudrun Schultz

BADEN-WURTENBERG, Germany, January 3, 2006 ( – A German state is targeting potential Muslim immigrants with a test to determine their “loyalty” to German social policy on homosexuality, among other issues.

The southern state of Baden-Wurttemberg now requires all Muslims requesting citizenship to undergo an extensive test designed to reveal their views on such issues as gay rights, women’s equality, topless beaches, and the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001 against the United States.

The test is designed to weed out those applicants who express views that go against Germany’s social policies. This is believed to be the first use of such testing worldwide, although the Netherlands is reportedly considering a similar move.

Homosexuals are given extensive recognition in German society, including rights of civil union that almost parallel rights of marriage.

The move to single out Muslim immigrants for special testing has been condemned by some Berlin officials as an encouragement to prejudice.

Brigitte Lösch, a leading member of the Green party in the Baden-Wurttemberg parliament, wants the exam to be dropped.

“This list of questions is only to be used for applicants from Islamic countries. It is an unbelievable form of discrimination,” she said. “If Germans were asked some of the questions, they would find it difficult to answer them.” (

Germany has a Muslim population of over 3 million. Islam is the third largest religion in the country, after Protestantism and Roman Catholicism.

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