October 11, 2011 ( – Prayer, persistence and the power of pregnancy centers are the theme of today’s message.

After speaking at a pregnancy center banquet in Michigan, I was sent this story from Grand Rapids. This amazing story shows what can happen when a 40 Days for Life vigil works with a pregnancy center to save lives that would otherwise become statistics.

“This is the day the Lord has made,” we read in Psalm 118. “Let us rejoice in it and be glad!”



A visibly upset young woman and her mother had just walked out of the abortion center where the 40 Days for Life vigil is going on – and walked right up to one of the prayer volunteers.

She had been advised to have an abortion because she had difficulties in her life.

After a short discussion, the two women seemed interested in the offer of a free ultrasound at a local pregnancy care center. But there were two challenges: first of all, it was 8:30 in the morning – and the pregnancy center wouldn’t open til 9:00.

The volunteers decided to take the young woman and her mom to breakfast; that would help them settle down a bit, and it would let them wait until the doors were open at the pregnancy center.

The second challenge seemed a bit more formidable. While an ultrasound MACHINE was available, there might not be an ultrasound TECHNICIAN available.

So they all went to the pregnancy center to wait – and pray.

Within the hour, another couple arrived at the abortion center. They had been told to abort their baby because of possible disabilities.

They had doubts about going through with it – so they, too, were offered a free ultrasound.

“Can you get us that ultrasound right now?” the couple asked.

About the same time, yet another couple arrived for an appointment. They had significant financial challenges – and they, too, had been encouraged to abort. “And yes,” said the volunteer, “couple number three also wanted a free ultrasound.”

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Meanwhile, back at the pregnancy center, a car had entered the parking lot. None of the volunteers recognized the car. A woman got out. They didn’t recognize her, either.

She walked over and introduced herself. “I’m an ultrasound tech and I have nothing to do today,” she said. “Do you know of anyone that could use my skills?”

“Seriously!” said the volunteer. “Just like that!”

Three young women saw ultrasound images of their babies that day. And despite all the reasons each had been encouraged to abort – they each chose life for their children.

Each of these mothers has a long road ahead and many challenges to overcome. But they’ve taken a wonderful first step. Please keep them in your prayers, and ask Christ to guide them on their way.

“Before I knew the difficulties of this day, God had planned for our needs to be met,” said the 40 Days for Life vigil participant. “Three couples who had planned on ending their babies’ lives today are still pregnant tonight. Praise God!”

She added that the overwhelming feeling “is one of both personal humility and awe for our God who did so much today. What a blessing! We praise and honor the Creator tonight. He has done marvelous things!”