Nabisco Chips Ahoy! mocks customers concerned about shocking drag queen Mother’s Day ad

One of the snack food manufacturer's tweets in response to the negative reaction said, 'They're big bad' and included a crying emoji.
Fri May 17, 2019 - 7:14 pm EST
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May 17, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Snack food manufacturing giant Nabisco repeatedly mocked and even laughed at customers who expressed concern over Chips Ahoy!’s drag queen Mother’s Day video ad.

In the 46-second Twitter commercial, Jose Cancel, who goes by the drag name Vanessa Vanjie Mateo, told viewers to buy Chips Ahoy! cookies to celebrate Mother’s Day not just with your “real mama” but also with “your drag mama,” because “it’s their day today” too.  

LifeSiteNews reported earlier this week on the backlash from the shocking commercial that asked customers to honor men who dress up and pretend to be women just as they would their own mothers.

Chips Ahoy!’s mockery of its customers on Twitter — described as “Brutal” by Mediaite — began early Mother’s Day morning.  

At 9:50 a.m. May 12, sensing pushback, Chip’s Ahoy! decided to calm down the reaction, tweeting:

“Miss Vanessa Vanjie said call your moms and Get these Cookies! Period. Happy Mother’s Day!”

The tweet did nothing to quell the backlash.

A few hours later, at 1:09 p.m., the folks at Chips Ahoy! were clearly perturbed with their unhappy customers and chose to escalate their ridicule rather than address their customers’ concerns.

“They’re big mad,” tweeted Chips Ahoy!, followed by a crying emoji.

At 3:33 p.m., when Twitter user ‘Kasy’ said, “ppl really bothered by a drag queen being in a commercial, imagine being so fragile,” the Chips Ahoy! social media team chimed in again, and laughed at their customers: “convinced they didn’t even watch the video lol.”

Perhaps sensing they had stepped in public relations quicksand, the social media team abruptly halted its mocking tweets and has remained silent since.  

Likewise, Mondelez International, the American multinational corporation that owns Nabisco, has chosen not to respond to LifeSiteNews’ repeated requests for comment.

LifeSite asked:

Why did the Chips Ahoy! tweets mocking your concerned customers abruptly stop on Mother’s Day and not continue into the week?

Does Nabisco regret using a drag queen to promote Chips Ahoy! cookies?

Does Nabisco see itself as a primarily as a manufacturer and purveyor of delicious cookies?  … Or is its primary mission to promote novel modes of human existence to children?

Has the person in charge of the Chips Ahoy! Twitter account been fired? In addition to Chips Ahoy!, Nabisco also produces Oreos, Fig Newtons, Honey Maid graham crackers, Teddy Grahams, Ritz Crackers, Triscuits, Wheat Thins, Nutter Butter and a host of other cookies, crackers, and snack products.

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