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U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates

(LifeSiteNews) — Famed feminist writer Naomi Wolf, who found herself shut out by her liberal peers for questioning COVID tyranny, told Tucker Carlson that “prayer is a weapon.”

Carlson recently interviewed Wolf on his website. Wolf has long been a member of the political left, including supporting abortion.

The pair spoke about Wolf’s growing interest in prayer and how it came during the COVID lockdowns. Wolf, who is Jewish, said she saw similarities between the Old Testament and how forces in society have turned toward evil.

“I assume prayer was not part of your daily life 10, 15, 20 years ago. Or maybe it was not really,” Carlson asked. Wolf said it was not part of her life in a conscious way, but it now is.

“You know that that prayer is a weapon. I mean, a good one, but that it makes a difference in the world that it… does things in the world,” she said. “And for me, what little I understand about this metaphysical realm.”

“Prayer isn’t like I was taught,” she continued. “You have to say to God, ‘You’re so great. You’re so powerful.’ And I’m like, what kind of God is that that needs us to be like, ‘You’re so awesome.'” Wolf added that prayer helps us “get close, closer to God or have a relationship with God.”

While prayer does help people grow closer to God, praising Him – adoration – is one of the four ways of prayer.

“Adoration is the first attitude of man acknowledging that he is a creature before his Creator,” the Catechism of the Catholic Church states. “It exalts the greatness of the Lord who made us and the almighty power of the Savior who sets us free from evil.”

Asked if it was hard to get in a habit of prayer, Wolf said that her research into the COVID jab development made it so she had to pray to stay in the right mind. Wolf, with conservative commentator Steve Bannon, has been compiling documents on Pfizer’s jabs.

She told Carlson:

Unbelievable criminality, intentional, systematic crimes against humanity and against, you know, babies and babies in utero and, you know, women and men and children that I was overwhelmed that such an evil thing could have happened. And so I had no choice but to pray because I don’t think I could have kept working on this material.

“Nothing’s as scary” now, she said, when asked what the effect of her prayer life was.

“I think probably the things that didn’t happen to me show the effect because I was working on and am working on such disturbing, horrific material that, you know, I didn’t have a nervous breakdown,” she said. “I didn’t become a drug addict.”

Turning to God is helping people see the truth

Wolf said that it seems that “the people who have turned to God in some way” are seeing the dangers of the COVID jabs. She compared it to Pharaoh’s hardening of his heart in Exodus and the people surviving the angel of death.

“The people who don’t turn to God in some way haven’t been able to hear the very important information that is coming forward about how to protect your family, how to save yourself,” she said. “And the people who have turned to God in some way, their ears are open.”

“But what I’m experiencing is half the country who identify as God’s people in some way are hearing this life-saving information,” she said shortly after. “And half, you know, their ears are stopped. They cannot hear it. They can’t even hear it when you say it to them directly. It’s still like that.”

Wolf said she read in Exodus how God said “I will harden Pharaoh’s heart. Yes, I will make him stubborn.”

Carlson’s interviews oftentimes turn to spiritual matters. While the former Fox News host is not yet Catholic, LifeSiteNews’ John-Henry Westen called on Carlson to be open to Catholicism.

Carlson had said he is “not Catholic, but I am interested,” referring to his interest in the direction of the Catholic Church.

“The Church does not want observers, or even admirers – she wants sons, whom she can raise into warriors for Christ,” Westen said on his podcast recently.

Wolf’s liberal peers shut her out 

Wolf also shared how her liberal peers shut her out and how she found herself deplatformed from social media and publications that would regularly publish her content.

A turning point came when Wolf, who regularly wrote about reproductive health, began highlighting how the COVID jabs were reportedly causing menstrual irregularities.

“I literally just accurately reported this and said something like, it bears more investigation. And I was overnight all at once. It was very extraordinary,” she said.

Wolf reported how she was removed “from Twitter, from Facebook, from YouTube, but also all the newspapers and news outlets where I’d been a commentator or columnist for 35 years, ran pieces smearing me and saying I was… spreading misinformation.”

“And I was the anti-vaxxer,” she said. “And my Wikipedia page changed overnight, which I now understand better because I didn’t understand the role of AI at that.”

She said she “became a non-person on the left” and was “kicked out overnight from my comfortable perch… in the liberal elite media.”

The cancellation became a “blessing in disguise.” However, it still highlights some of the problems of open debate in the country.

Wolf shared that, in the eyes of her peers, the first bad thing she did was question the COVID jabs. Then, after they canceled her and refused to talk to her, she compounded the problem by talking to conservatives.

“Not only had I done the bad thing of questioning the vaccines,” she said, “I did the bad thing of talking to conservatives.”

“After I get kicked out of the liberal elite media,” she said she spoke to the people liberals do not like, including Bannon and Carlson herself.

“This was a very important problem that women were facing,” she said, referencing the problems with menstruation.

“It was just surreal to me that people who purported to be feminists and egalitarians and to care about women… were very happy to throw this whole issue under the bus if you kind of crossed this red line that society had erected… overnight, where there were things you’re not supposed to question, people you’re not supposed to talk to,” she said.

Even though she was aware of problems among liberals with becoming “ideologically rigid,” she said the backlash still “shocked” her.

“I was very shocked. I mean, I knew that my side had become increasingly ideologically rigid and extreme and irrational in some ways,” Wolf said.

Liberalism has become “wokeism,” Wolf said.

However, she thought there was still an opportunity for open debate.

“It’s like I still thought that world existed, in which if you’re in the news business, you report facts … and if you’re in the media, you can have opinions,” she said.

“And that that world was gone, and we were living in kind of a Stalinist reality very quickly.”

U.S. citizens: Demand Congress investigate soaring excess death rates